Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jack, the bee hunter

I learned valuable information about Mr. Jack during our little outing to the woods for some 3 year pics (a few months after the fact, but better late than never :) ). He is a bee hunter -and from what I gathered from our little conversation, a very feared and ferocious one! Happy 3 years Jack!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Been a while....but here we are!

Josh and Ashley....Congratulations to you both! Wishing you a life filled with much happiness!

The Long Family-it was h-o-t but we all toughed it out and Miss Emily and Mr. Russell hung in there like troopers and we were able to get some great shots of this wonderful family!

Dillon and Audrey Claire....cuteness in 2 little packages, however, one is a bit smaller than the other. Had so much fun with Audrey Claire and her sweet self and Dillon and his mischevious grin. Great shoot!